With preservation the ambient conditions of the artifacts are optimized to minimize the process of deterioration .

Much of the damage inflicted on books and paper documents are a result of inadequate storage and climate conditions. Preservation is taking steps to prevent conservation becoming a necessity and may entail folder and box storage solutions, object supporting, appropriate framing and display solutions, climate and light levels control.

We are happy to assist you

  • in identifying and solving problems concerning climate and storage conditions
  • assess damages in your item or collection and compile a report with recommendations
  • in giving emergency help in case of an unforseen incident to prevent bad becoming worse.

A Proper Storage of Books

  • A cool, relatively dry clean, and most of all stable environment
  • Minimal exposure to all kinds of light; no exposure to direct or intense light
  • Distance from radiators and vents
  • Regular dusting and housekeeping
  • Shelving books of similar size together, so that the face of the covers are maximally supported by the neighbours on each side
  • Keeping upright shelved books straight and not leaning (storing books lying flat is also good)