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Co Sligo

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Mark Stansbury
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2 Paper conservation, remounting and matting

Dryclean with latex drycleaning powder.
Wash object with mild alkaline water. Washing will
facilitate the removal of the old mount and mat and reduce incurred staining and brighten the print.
Size with a CarboxyMethylCellulose solution and add a Kozo paper backing to reinforce the object.
Leave to dry and flatten between felts.
Remount and mat with new acid free board

1 Materials

- Wishab Drycleaning powder
- Calciumbicarbonate
- Wheat starch paste
- Paper Nao Kozo tissue paper
- Archival mount board and box board

4 Consolidate loose end sections, board attachment, leather reback

- Clean up spine
- Line spine with Japanese tissue paper
- Add new goatskin back, infills and corner pieces
- Paste back original leather part and endpaper pastedowns
- Paste abrasions with wheat starch paste
- Leather treatment with Renaissance wax

1 Materials

- Kozo tissue paper
- Goat skin
- Wheat starch paste

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Total €380.23