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Music Manuscript 1793, Inboard binding containing 183 pages bound in full leather, appears to be calf.



  • Sewing structure compromised: worn sewing supports and threads
  • Protruding and dislodged leaves with marginal tear damages
  • Leather detached in places with tears notably at the spine, lacunae with board exposures.

To prevent further damages and to make item accessible conservation is required.

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7 Book conservation

- Lift original leather, remove boards
- Dismantle book and bookblock in its composite parts: boards and loose sections
- Dryclean where appropriate
- Acidity and ink stability tests
- Wash pages [in case of positive iron gall ink corrosion pages in calciumphytate and] in calcium bicarbonate slution.
- Tear repairs with Japanese tissue paper
- Gelatine sizing of leaves if required
- Resew [onto new hemp cords] with new linen thread at the original sewing positions
- Line book block spine with Jap tissue paper and wheat starch paste
- Recondition leather in humidity chamber, add patch repairs
- Strenghthen pulp board by sizing them with gelatine
-- [Lace boards back onto the new hemp cords]
- Reback spine with new leather toned to match original
- Paste back original leather

-Store extraneous items in mylar pockets

1 Materials

- Harmatan goat
- Griffin Mill period style paper
- Sundries

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