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Quote Date August 17, 2021
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Knock Museum


The Papal Decree is to be humidified in a climate chamber to have it relaxed for mounting onto a custom made reversed thread mount.
The reversed thread mount holds the parchment in mildly tensioned. The linen threads on the back of the frame counteract to the dimensional fluctuations of parchment resulting from changes in relative humidity. With the humidity increasing, the parchment expands but the linen threads contract.

The parchment is mounted on the frame with linen threads

The threads converge on the centre on the back of the mount


Papal decree and its copy will have separate custom made frames with mats.


Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceSub Total
1 Thread mount for Papal Decree

- create custom mount
- attach linen threads on the back margin of the decree
- attach decree after relaxation in mount

1 Materials

Wood latices , archival board, linen threading, revPVA glue and wheat starch paste

2 Frame with art glass

Two separate similar frames for original and copy.
The art glass has UV blocking properties and has a special coating to reduce reflection, similar to that of glasses and camera lenses

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Total €1,049.88