Co Sligo

VAT: IE 9040900Q

Invoice Number 000564-1
Invoice Date October 21, 2022
Due Date November 24, 2022
Total Due €122.01
Mr and Mrs Mellett

Villa Rosa, 2 Duck Walk
Greystones Co Wicklow A63TH68

Lithograph print on cellulose paper with iron gall ink writing on the lower margin

Discoloured throughout though heavier in some places. Minor tear damages, cracks and undulations. Abrasions disturbing the image. Tear repair with sellotape.

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceSub Total
3 Conservation of Therese de l'enfant Jesus

- Dryclean remove sellotape repairs
- Wash by immersion in a mild alkaline water bath with non-ionic soap
- localised bleach with hydrogenperoxide
- overall bleaching with solar UV
- Wash by immersion in a mild alkaline water bath
- Tear repairs with Kozo tissue paper applied with wheat starch paste
- Add support Kozo tissue on the back of required
- Leave to dry between wool felts under weight
- Touch up abrasions to restore image quality

1 Materials

Japanese Kozo tissue paper

1 Return delivery (not applicable when collected) €20.00€20.00
Sub Total €215.00
VAT @ 13.5% €29.03
VAT @ 23% €0.00
Paid -€122.02
Total Due €122.01

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