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The Ox Bindery

Books, Paper and Parchment Conservation
Fine and Design Binding

Welcome to the Ox Bindery, situated in the heart of the Ox Mountains in the North West of Ireland. We, Benjamin van de Wetering and Ineke Scholte, are specialized in the hand bound book be it conserving the old or creating a new. We also offer bookbinding weekend courses. (selfcatering accommodation is available)
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Benjamin is an in the Netherlands trained hand bookbinder and conservator in books, paper and parchment and engaged with conservation and traditional binding. 
A few years after setting up the conservation and fine and design studio in Ireland he became ICRI  accredited. He works for national and local authorities and private clients as well. Ineke concentrates herself on the decorative and funny side of the handbound book. She creates unique craft and desing books in a variety of sizes and shapes which can be seen on our Piggelmee website.

On this website you will find information on conservation, illustrated with photographs of conservation treatment. Furthermore you will find useful information on save keeping and handling of your objects on the preservation pages.
If you have a piece or collection that is in need of conservation treatment or a particular binding requirement, we offer a free initial personal consultation. Use the client login as guest and you will find a sample of a conservation report.

On the Fine and Design Binding pages you find an overview of new created books bound following traditional methods. Have also a look at our Piggelmee books.and discover books that can't be confined to shelves.

We offer bookbinding weekend courses in our workshop in the rural tranquility of the Ox Mountains, where participants can step away from the hustle and bustle of daily live and tiptoe back in time to recreate bindings from past periods. If you are interested in a course, please do contact us.
Self catering accommodation is available.
If there are any queries feel free to contact us.

Panorama picture of the Ox Bindery


Panorama picture of the Ox Bindery





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