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Bull's Head, Italian Watermark 1486


The Ox Bindery

Conservation and restauration in the heart of the Ox Mountains

Benjamin van de Wetering and Ineke Scholte

Tubbercurry (Tobercurry)
Co. Sligo

Tel.   + 353 (0)71 9181916
Mob. + 353 (0)87 9712074
Fax.  + 353 (0)71 9181926

The route to The Ox Bindery is as follows: 
From Tubbercurry town take the R 294 to Ballina.

  • You cross the River Moy after 5.25 km (3.5 miles).
  •  After further 3.75 km (2.5 miles; 9 km, 6 miles from Tubbercurry) you will see a pinkish pub on your righthand side called 'Joe Dans'. Turn right here, signposted 'Cloonacool and Masshill Guesthouse'.
  • After an other 1,5 km (1 mile; 10,5 km, 7 miles from Tubbercurry) you will cross the 'River Owenaher'. Turn after crossing the bridge left signposted: 'Lough Easky, Masshill Guesthouse'. This road will bring you up into the mountains.
  •  After ca 1,5 km (1 mile; 12 km, 8 miles from Tubbercurry) the road bends passing the waterfall, with a wall on your left and rocks on your right and continues straight on. You pass further on two houses: right a white two storey and left a yellow cottage.
  • After 2.25 km (1.5 miles; 14.25 km, 9.5 miles from Tubbercurry) you will get to a broad T-junction. Turn left here, after 200 meters you see the white crosses of Massrock. Carry on and you will see a white washed studio and cottage on your right: The Ox Bindery
    If you pass 'Masshill Guesthouse' then you have gone too far. Turn back and turn right at the T-junction.

Benjamin and Ineke


Benjamin and Ineke

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How to reach us



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