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This page outlines the procedure when you consider submitting an item or collection for conservation.

Free initial consultation

If you have a piece or collection that requires conservation treatment you can contact us free of charge or obligation.

We offer a free initial telephone consultation to get familiar with the object, its problems and your expectations. In some cases, a rough idea can be given of the type of treatment and a general idea of potential cost.

If you wish you can make an appointment for a free personal consultation at he conservation studio. A better outlined idea of treatment and a more accurate idea of potential costs can be given after preliminary examining the object.

The future use of the piece will also be discussed as this will be taken into account with the treatment proposal.


If desired we will schedule a complete examination of your piece or collection. We will look at the materials used, in the case of a book analyse its binding, assess the type and extent of damages, and overall condition of the piece. If necessary tests will be carried to determine which materials were used and/or the type of treatment that can be carried out. The uncovered information will be sent to you in a written condition report with a treatment proposal and a cost estimate. The cost estimate is based on materials cost and labour.

Review and conservation contract

If there are any queries after reviewing the condition report and treatment proposal do not hesitate to contact us. 
In case you wish to proceed with conservation a conservation contract will be emailed or posted out to you, which we ask you to sign and to return.


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